Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Destiny Binds

Destiny Binds
Destiny Binds by Tammy Blackwell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I will admit, I've had this ebook on my kindle for months and didn't read it. Why? Well, it's about werewolves. Nuff said, right? I bought it because it was $.99 and figured I might give it a go at some point.
Okay I'm an idiot, obviously.
This book was great, I really enjoyed it even though I am left with far more questions than answers. I think in many ways I am grateful I just read it so I could jump into the next one without having to wait.
I am a bit nervous though.
YA paranormal romances have become so cookie cutter and have developed there own version of trite that I am totally thrown for a loop by this story. Nothing is going as I would have expected and to honest it's making me very uneasy. I almost care too much. And I usually don't give a shit about much. So that's saying something.

I am going to read the next two but I will be doing so with great trepidation.

Ms. Blackwell please be nice!

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